Market leaders need applications that make customer and employee experiences more interesting and fulfilling. meldCX technology delivers the building blocks for their success.

meldCX is filling a gap in the technology market by providing a web-based application programming interface (API) that is revolutionising how businesses think about, develop and deploy apps for commercial devices such as digital signs, POS and self-service kiosks.

Our Vision

Together, we empower businesses and individuals to grow, by delivering technology and tools to leap over competitors and improve how their customers experience the world.

Our Purpose

To provide businesses with technology to easily and rapidly create and control secure, robust apps across operating systems and coding languages, so they can capitalise on tangible benefits that the technology delivers.

Our Values

Authentic businesses inspire and deliver
Imagination and Discovery
Collaborate, Innovate, Create Change
Inclusion Breeds Bright Ideas

Who are we?

meldCX is an affiliated company within the ACER and AOPEN groups—world leaders in hardware, electronics, and cloud-based technologies.

By leveraging their solid experience in enterprise, government, education, and manufacturing of digital signage, kiosks and point-of-sale devices, we’re able to provide our customers with solutions that transform the process of building and deploying apps.

meldCX – our flagship product

meldCX is a web-based platform that our customers use to build apps that run on devices such as digital signs, self-service kiosks, and point-of-sale units.

What’s different about meldCX?

We provide a robust technology stack, so your developers can focus on building great apps.

Web Technology that works offline or works towards an offline first approach.

Deployment and enhancements are rapid and zero-touch.

Security is far superior to device-based apps.

Wide range of peripheral APIs, drivers in our meld libraries that you can tap into and use so your team does not need to do further integration.

Our dashboard lets you control everything remotely and securely, including deployment, scheduling, enhancements, trouble-shooting, and maintenance.

You can focus on delivering what your customers really need, and work on expanding your market, and staying ahead of your competitors.

Our People


Stephen Borg

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Clinton Capuzzi

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Joy Chua

Global Marketing and Partnerships

Our Partners

meldCX has completed extensive technical training and met a rigorous set of criteria to qualify as a Google Cloud Partner with Premier Status which means your projects will never be left to chance.

Working in collaboration with the Google Cloud Team, meldCX offers innovative product development and IoT solutions that enable our client to launch and scale quickly.

meldCX is a certified Microsoft Azure Partner. Taking advantage of Azure global availability and hyper-scale computing, the meldCX stack on Windows OS and Azure helps customers accelerate application development and delivery in a secure, managed way.

For enterprise customers, the meldCX and Azure stacks offers a balance between stability and agility that cuts across infrastructure, applications and data.

meldCX works closely with the Intel team to enable customers to have early access to Intel’s latest technology. From chipsets to the latest in peripheral solutions, the partnership allows our customers to access superior performance on both the device and software layer to handle demanding and compute intensive business applications.

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