Save time and focus on development that adds value


Fast, fail-safe deployment and ongoing zero-touch maintenance


Grow your business more quickly, more easily, more profitably

The perfect solution for
your clients

meldCX lets you rapidly deliver the apps to meet your clients imaginations. With dramatically reduced development time, unprecedented access to commercial peripherals and rapid zero-touch deployment, there is no limit to how innovative your team can be

Eliminate blocks to development and deployment

Leave meldCX to take care of the mundane, repetitive and complex tasks of reliability and security. meldCX maintains a consistent foundation across all OS so you can speed up the development with our prefabricated components, and focus on your customer experience and endless scalability

Extremely high levels of security
and robustness

meldCX delivers unprecedented levels of security and robustness. We’re in continuous collaboration with global technology leaders to ensure that our platform and therefore your apps are secure, robust, and continually improving

Capitalise – grow your business
and profitability

meldCX can take your business to new levels. No need to build what everyone else is building anyway, we’ll keep the lights on so you can get apps to your clients much more quickly at a lower cost; you’ll improve your competitive edge, keep ahead of the market, and improve your margins

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Request a Demo

meldCX gives us a competitive edge and opportunities to increase our market – and our profitability.
— Erik Hallander, Managing Director, Isobar Australia
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