Save time and focus on development that adds value


Fast, fail-safe deployment and ongoing zero-touch maintenance


Grow your business more quickly, more easily, more profitably

A ready-made, all-purpose stack

The meldCX stack caters for all operating systems and languages, so you can develop in the language you love, for any OS

Focus on delivering quality apps

meldCX lets you make use of your real skills and talents. Instead of getting bogged down with building the stack, you get to focus on the user experience

Use the latest web-based technology

Enjoy the benefits that web-based app-building delivers, including easy standardisation, and better and faster testing, deployment, maintenance and updates all from a single dashboard

Join a community of innovative developers

Join our community of developers and innovators that collaborate with leading technology companies, including Google, Microsoft and Intel

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Request a Demo

Seriously easy and quick to build a seriously powerful app with meldCX, I would never have been able to get that done without meldCX’s direct line to Google
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