The meldCX Platform

We’ve built an incredible stack, so you can build incredible apps

Develop for any and all operating systems

When you develop on the meldCX stack, your app will run on any major operating system – even if the OS is updated, or a new one comes along

Use the language you know and love

Develop using modern web standards, so you can use your skills and knowledge to build the app, not the stack

Simple API integration for custom dashboards

With our API integration, the meldCX platform is extensible for custom requirements. If the dashboard isn’t enough, your  developer team can build their own custom tools around it

Use web-based technology to build, deploy and maintain apps, so your team can deliver the best in user experience from a single dashboard

The mLibrary grows your tool set making it faster and easier to get straight to building great experiences. Providing easy to use Javascript APIs for traditionally complex things such as peripheral. management and usage, payment processing, and data storage

AgentM sits on the device acting as a service that connects to the mCloud so you can use it remotely to configure each device, including power states, app configuration, and the app scheduler

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