Save time and focus on development that adds value


Fast, fail-safe deployment and ongoing zero-touch maintenance


Grow your business more quickly, more easily, more profitably

Innovate the way you

Easy standardisation, better and faster testing, rapid zero-touch deployment and maintenance. Use meldCX’s web-based dashboard to remotely control everything from scheduling and configuring multiple apps whilst receiving in-depth analytics and device health data from the mCloud

One bundled platform to increase your capability

meldCX makes it incredibly quick and simple to install schedule and manage applications giving your team significantly more time to focus on building a much better product with more features that customers want

Extremely high levels of security
and robustness

meldCX delivers unprecedented levels of security and robustness. We’re in continuous collaboration with global technology leaders to ensure that our platform is secure, robust, and continually improving

Capitalise – and build
your market

meldCX can take your business to new levels. Get apps out the door much more quickly with a platform that genuinely delivers unprecedented scale to keep your business ahead of the market, and improve your margins

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meldCX is a ‘whole’ solution that delivers rapid, secure deployment.
— Sharan Nambiar, Software Engineer, Nightlife
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